What an excellent concept! The portal you have created is brilliant for bringing together the creative artist and the venue, that will not only assist the artist to achieve their creative expression but also is highly innovative in itself . Creative Rental's website is a new product in a highly confusing marketplace that facilitates both artist and vendor to attain their aspirations. My view is that the website admirably achieves this. It is clear, easy to use and (in NVC terms) Life Serving. As a Vendor I am delighted to support this website and am confident that through it I will be able to welcome many new guests who, if it wasn't for creativerentals.co.uk (and with apologies to Rudyard Kipling), "ne'er the twain would have met". Well done team Creative Rentals UK.
Hamish McLean Laird of Breda Estate

Overall a great first impression I was very encouraged by the positive experience that I have had beginning my journey with creative rentals.
After visiting the site I found myself eager to learn more about what is on offer. I made an enquiry and I promptly received a very helpful and friendly response. A welcomed service.
Miss Caustin NHS
Creative Holiday

Creative Holidays

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Active Holiday

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